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Final touch. that's what creation is all about.

We are an independent group of passionate individuals focused on making those final touches on each step of  the marketing way. Born digital in 2004 we are strongly engaged in shaping ambitious interactive projects in various fields of expertise.

Consumer / corporate / ecommerce / gaming / mobile

Trec Nutrition Ready for action. Energy, stimulation, concetration #getstrong

McCain knows all about potatoes. So do we. Do you?

Animex leader of the Polish meat industry goes interactive!

HavingMS is a widely awarded interactive experiment explaining what Multiple Sclerosis really feels like

Wrigley from consumer microsites to individual e-commerce solutions

We believe that technology is there to serve, not to stand in the way.

We believe that technology is there to serve, not to stand in the way.

We take on some fiercest challenges and simply make things happen.
Oh... we can even invent a bit of magic to lift any creative concept to the highest level of activation.

Meet some of our clients:

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os. Kościuszkowców 1/16
62-020 Swarzędz

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Kompania Piwowarska

A new, crazy-responsive website for the brewing leader on the Polish market.
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Centrum Wycieczkowe Lech

Come and visit the Brewery!
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Do you have what it takes to become a brewing expert?
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Wielkie Miąchanie

Share your giphy feelings with our one and only party-mood-mixxer!

Zlecenie na Maksa

There can be only one bold crisp in town!


Loose yourself in this excellent gardening game. Wchich plant you like the best? Carrot, Tomato, Cucumber or Aubergine?

A1 Sportback

Try it on - as you like it!

A6 Allroad

Discover it's unique features.

A3 MMI Touch

Touch the screen, touch the screen!

Skoda Training System

E-learning solution enhancing the Skoda experience among internal staff.

Volkwagen service

Can you spot the difference between Genuine and ingenuine Volkswagen Service?
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Historia ziemniaka

So how did potatoes exactly get to Poland? And why are they so good? See for yourself!


Challenge yourself and create your own crispy world with McCain!

Frytki z Figurą

Chips can truly be an astonishing addition to your favourite recipes from around the world.


Which side are you on?
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98% of Poles know the brand, half of them has at least one pack in their drawer.

Zupa od kuchni

So how exactly do I make myself such excellent soup?

Zupy na murawie

Try our recipes and win designer prizes!


First meat brand on the Polish market dedicated solely to children.
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Open the fridge!
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Jedz, pij, żuj!

First Wrigley e-commerce platform in the world.
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Dedicated microsite for kids with smart gaming solutions and educational content.

Airwaves / Winterfresh

Fresh and wavy promo microsites.


Taste some of unique flavours of smart cooking!
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Sprytni w kuchni

Can you cook smart? We can and we have our ways to convince you to try for yourself!
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Do you know what problems Multiple Sclerosis patients come across every day?
Take part in a simulation which will help you understand the kind of difficulties they struggle with.
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Trec Nutrition

Ready for action. Energy, stimulation, concetration.
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